A difference you can see and feel with LLumar reflective window film


A prominent and popular building in Riyadh, the Administration Office Center was having trouble managing the sunlight that hit the building on a daily basis. Reflections from the building’s blue glass were bothersome, and the building constantly battled intense heat and glare. The ill effects of the direct sunlight plagued every part of the property. The office building was in dire need of relief.


Jalal Al-Halabi, head of the Center’s Engineering Department, consulted with the local LLumar dealer and decided to film the building with LLumar R-15BL SR HPR. This heat-control, premium reflective film offers 75% total solar energy rejection, 11% visible light transmission, and 99% rejection of damaging ultraviolet rays. The film dramatically cut the heat while keeping the building bright and free of harmful UV rays.


One of the primary reasons Al-Halabi chose LLumar over other film manufacturers was to enhance the building’s comfort and energy efficiency without diminishing its appearance. Mission accomplished. LLumar has dramatically cut the heat and glare inside the Administration Center and enhanced the building’s appearance on the outside.

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LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

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